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In this workshop Pendry looks at archetypical  and atypical concepts of masculinity - both 'healthy' and toxic'. The attendees will be encouraged to explore cliché and truth through a variety of subtle exercises and discussions. What is it to be 'a man'? Is this question as vague as 'being a woman'? What is a strong man? A weak man? A man's man? Is masculinity a construct or is it inherent?

The course takes the premise that deconstructing masculinity is a valid form of empowerment for women - and men, who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the current discourses around chauvinism, #metoo, victimhood and toxic power.

The course is open to women and men. Maximum participants 12. No special experience needed. Please bring a man's suit, tie, shirt and shoes that fit you. This can be found cheaply at Fretex. Male participants should come clean shaven if possible. Beard hair and 'packs' will be provided.