Photo: Anita Hillestad

Photo: Anita Hillestad



In this workshop Pendry looks at archetypical  and atypical concepts of masculinity - both 'healthy' and toxic'. The attendees will be encouraged to explore cliché and truth through a variety of subtle exercises and discussions. What is it to be 'a man'? Is this question as vague as 'being a woman'? What is a strong man? A weak man? A man's man? Is masculinity a construct or is it inherent?

The course takes the premise that deconstructing masculinity is a valid form of empowerment for women - and men, who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the current discourses around chauvinism, #metoo, victimhood and toxic power.

The course is open to women and men. Maximum participants 12. No special experience needed. Please bring a man's suit, tie, shirt and shoes that fit you. This can be found cheaply at Fretex. Male participants should come clean shaven if possible. Beard hair and 'packs' will be provided.

MON-THUR 18-21




I would like to take the challenge to work out a shorter piece with the participants on the base of some scores I’ve been working on for a while. These all engage a group dancing together, on the premise of “non-formal unison”. These are connected to a recurring interest of mine in the idea of approximation, i.e. coming closer and also never quite “hitting it”. In this sense unison is a horizon that moves us, that is not meant to be reached but always tended towards. It allows for individual interpretation and demands ongoing attention to what we might have in common, without ever letting us settle on a sense of knowing what that is. This attention modifies our dances, in that sense they come closer to each other, they move away from autonomous self-poiesis. The refusal to verify also means the perception of this approximation process is not always very readable yet it can happen on a more energetic or intuitive level for the spectators of the dance. This is what I’d like to test this summer.

The workshops ends with a showing Friday night.

MON - FRI 10-16

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This workshop is about making yourself a solo. I'm proposing to the participants different ways on developing a solo work. Each individual will explore diverse ways on writing own dramaturgy, dealing with space, objects, contexts, making choices. The aim of the workshop is that everyone at the end of it has a coherent solo performance that expresses at best his/her own artistic individuality. 

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
MON-TUE 10-16
Dansens Hus (studio stage)

WED - FRI 10-16