with BodyCartography Project
Monday - Friday from 10-16 at Scenehuset

BodyCartography Project / Olive and Otto will lead an embodied practice in movement expression and creation using the somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering®. BMC® utilizes experiential study through application of anatomical, physiological, and developmental principles in hands-on practice, movement, and sound explorations. We will focus on the artist as performer and their role in conveying content while understanding their audience. Utilizing the support of different body systems, participants will explore the balance of internal and external awareness and intention in performative contexts. Afternoons will be spent dancing and performing for each other.



with Alix Eynaudi
Monday - Friday from 10-16 at Studio 64

Alix is offering two focus for her workshop: THE SILENT WORKSHOP and CROSS DANCING.

In CROSS DANCING we’ll work in pairs: we’ll shift roles, exchange knowledge and clothes, we’ll look at each other, and care for each other’s dances. CROSS DANCING perverts Autentic Movement while adorating it…
We will invite one other participant: the clothes that we’re wearing.
In this class we will, literally, look at the expertise that we gather, and displace it, while letting the fluidity of our constant role-changings infuse our brains. We will be literal because it wont be literal, do what feels right, use each other to transform ideas, bluff, wilfully get exploited, put care in our dances, say yes but do what we want.

THE SILENT WORKSHOP is a group choreography created with incremental instructions revealed throughout the week. Situated somewhere between deliciously precise dance writing and mindful moments of improvisation this workshop will happen in silence. Each day will focus on a specific theme and all information will be passed via instructions - written on a piece of paper or on the wall or snuck individually in your pocket, or…



with Siri Jøntvedt
Monday - Friday from 17.30-21.00 at Scenehuset

In this workshop, I will use parts of the frameworks and methods that we use in the performance Grums to create personal material that will lead into a structured improvised group piece by the end of the week.
During the week we will aim to:
Develop solo material that we can share.
Work with some technique such as light and sound and try to be kinetically connected to it.
Insist on things, find questions and value in what we do even if we don´t know how to do them.
Try to practice what you don´t know?
Revisit our material from day to day.
Search for material that makes an imprint and deepen that experience. Stay interested. Work with duration.
Explore how we can move between dancing and practical actions and how those transitions happens.
Find a physical exploration between dance and practicalities, solo and meetings.
Do it yourself as a statement or a strategy for making work.

If you play an instrument, want to play an instrument, or has an instrument at home, you are welcome to bring it along.

We are all in it together

The performance Grums is an ongoing work that was created as a duet by Siri &Snelle in 2014. Since then it has been performed in Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. It is based upon Siri& Snelle´s 25 year long collaboration as dancers, choreographer and improvisers.


Festivalpass: 2000 NOK (includes 2 workshops and full weekend program)
One workshop: 1200 NOK