The weekend program will take place at Dansens Hus Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of August.


12.00-16.00: Seminar with BodyCartography Project and Alix Eynaudi

In this seminar we will work with the body from two different perspectives, represented by BodyCartography Project (BCP) and Alix Eynaudi. BCP will give a taste from their workshop Vital Materiality where they use the somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering, while Eynaudi is focusing on the context for our bodies. They will have one session each that includes doing and talking about what we are doing. We believe putting them next to each other will bring interesting experiences and discussions.
The seminar will be led by Kristine Karåla Øren.
In spirit of Praxis Oslo, the seminar will be both doing and talking, so bring comfortable clothes.
Participation is free and includes soup, but please register at

19.00: Performance with Alix Eynaudi, participants from workshop #1 and workshop #2

Alix Eynaudi will show her solo Petite Danse. Petite Danse is a danced rebus in which signification is on leave. Its is a meditation on the taste for signs and the taste of each sign. Petite Danse is a dance for those who find pleasure in reading, it embraces techniques as forms of poetry, and artistry as a form of care.

Participants from the workshops Vital Materiality and The silent workshop / Cross dancing will also be performing.

21.30 Embodied aerobics and party with DJ Siggen!



13.30-14.30: Artist talk with Siri Jøntvedt and Kristine Karåla Øren

15.00: Performance with Otto Ramstad and participants from workshop #3

Otto Ramstad’s solo will draw lines from somatic learnings, in real time, between his great grandfather John Ramstad, who immigrated to Minnesota in 1911, Vermont based Judson era choreographer and inventor of contact improvisation Steve Paxton, and his recently deceased childhood dance teacher Suzanne River from Minnesota. This live performance with video travelogue will take us from Norway through Vermont to Minnesota and will be proximally intimate and physically immersive.

Participants from the workshop Grums - revisited will also be performing.

17.00: Barbecue in the park

After the performance we invite everybody to a barbecue in the park close to Dansens Hus. Everybody is welcome, bring your own food!


The seminar and the artist talk are FREE, buy tickets for the showings at