Praxisfestivalen 2017 will take place in Oslo from August 20th - 27th. This years artists represent different traditions in the history of performing arts, namely postmodern dance in the US in the 1960’s and the legacy of Antonin Artaud through Grusomhetens Teater/Theater of Cruelty. We invite you to dive into the physical experience of the history through the body, the movements and the voice. With the theme THE PAST AND THE CURIOUS we want to raise questions about our physical legacy, artistic and technical maintenance and sustainability, and what we carry on with us in our future art making.

We offer an intensive meeting with these distinctive artists:

BENOÎT LACHAMBRE / PAR B. L. EUX – dancer and choreographer, dedicated to somatic practices and release technique from Joan Skinner and Judson Dance Theater.

JAMIE SCOTT – dancer in the company of recently deceased Trisha Brown who was a pioneer of Judson Dance Theater in the 1960's. Jamie Scott will share repertory from Trisha Browns Set and reset.

LARS ØYNO – actor, director and playwright with over 20 years of performance making and dedication to Antonin Artaud through his company Grusomhetens Teater / Theater of Cruelty.

The festival kicks off with artist presentations, followed by five days of workshops with the festival artists. The weekend August 26th - 27th we offer a full program of performances, seminar, party, artist presentations and barbeque at Dansens Hus.

Be curious, learn from the past - join the festival!