Lars gives WORKSHOP #2
Lars Øyno is a Norwegian actor, director and playwright. He went to The Academy of Theater at the National Academy of the Arts in Norway from 1981- 84, and has worked as an actor in both film and theater for more than 30 years, from 1984 – 2017. Lars is the artistic director and founder of Grusomhetens Teater / The Theater of Cruelty, established in 1992 and with their own theater at Hausmania in Oslo from 2002. He has produced 26 performances for the company and he is touring, giving workshops and lectures nationally and internationally.

Theatre of Cruelty make performances within the physical tradition and retrieves basic inspiration from Antonin Artaud’s vision of an anatomical theater. They create theater with the body’s own musicality, its breath and poetry, as the beginning for all actions. Artaud wanted to awaken the inherent life force that exists in nature and what the Western man seem to have forgotten. Theatre thus becomes a tool for real life. They do not seek to reproduce realistic reality so it can be recognized, but to tell of the core of life inherent in every genuine experience. Although based on a dramatic work or a literary text, the written word does not have a pivotal role and is often lost in the overall stage picture.