Photo: Dansalliansen

Photo: Dansalliansen



at SCENEHUSET, Monday to Friday, 10-15

The workshops and open professional classes I conduct are an introduction to the sensation and state-oriented practice Full Drop. A practice which I’ve been developing since 2010 in relation to my choreographic works. It focuses on deep myofascial release through visualization meditation and verbal dialoging aiming to guide participants towards a so called Full Drop into the body. Developing heightened inner listening and awareness of the multiple autonomous systems and rhythms of the body and how to able to experience the various altered physical states that accommodate this type of work. By fully dropping into the body and entering a meditative space where time ceases to exist, conditions have been created to release self-manipulation and control and allow active intentions to empty out. Through new subjective sensorial experiences unravelling, what was formerly unconscious becomes conscious increasing awareness of the current as well as immanent inner states of each person. While the practice itself is gentle the decision to let go of control and enter into the unknown and subconscious parts of yourself is profound.

Working with and sharing a practice of de-conditioning which is in itself directly healing and holistic is a conscious political gesture. It was developed whilst creating a body of artistic works that address the mental, emotional and physical states of the citizens living within the current social political environment, and how that reality expresses itself in our matter. Combining ten years of research within the artistic field of dance and study of the Perceptive Pedagogy method of french osteopath Danis Bois. A unique practice and approach to body work within the field of dance has been developed and is there to be shared.  

Please bring a mat and a blanket for the workshop.

Illustration: Cristian Turdera

Illustration: Cristian Turdera



at SCENEHUSET, Monday to Friday, 17-21

What are we training the body for today? What do we want it to do? How do we want to stage it and how are we using the force structures (real and imaginary) have on the body in order to make it perform in a particular way?

In this workshop, we will try different ways to generate movement material. We will construct frameworks that produce diverse relations to perception and time. It is a laboratory in which we will play with physical and imaginary approaches to movement and what they re(present). Speculative perception is a workshop where we physically will work with concentration, interiority, and pleasure while moving. Further, we will look for logic systems within the movement material generated as an approach to make sense through dancing: looking for a sense of timing, sensing musicality, holding a sense of emptiness, etc. By using fiction to create structures and surroundings and speculate on how they stimulate our perception, we will work with the senses and with sensemaking, looking for where they intersect and what they perform.

Photo by: Santa Pablo Krappmann

Photo by: Santa Pablo Krappmann



at QIGONGSENTERET, Monday to Friday, 10-15

I always feel it’s nice to go to the front, move into the unknown. But then I go a little bit back, to the past. Because if you already have been somewhere, the place feels warmer than others.
— Oleg Soulimenko

 How is it to have another skin, another layer of something, which is added to our physical body? How will it make us move? Does it change our relation to our senses? In this workshop we will create individual costumes for every participant of the workshop, a costume, which will partly or totally cover our body. We will work with the idea of a futuristic body. Our new costume will prolong, transform, limit or expand our movements and their function.

By using objects of different scale, function and material we will create poetical stories, which could relate to the idea of evolution. From small to big, from minimal to maximal, from simple to complicated. Fictional, speculative, evolutionary stories, which focus on the fragmented, the wild, the abstract and without an easily graspable narration.

For the first day of the workshop participants are asked to bring about 7 to 20 objects of different size and stiles, from concrete ready made, to "abstract" which could represent the idea of an evolution, transformation, changing, developing. From almost nothing to something big. Visual artist Helene Duckert will be working on costumes and objects together with the participants.

Friday the 16th of August there will be a presentation with the workshop participants in a special location in Oslo, to be announced.

The workshop is open to people from different disciplines.