Monday - Friday 10-16
Studio 64

Alix are offering two foci for her workshop: THE HIGHJACKING OF THE "DANCE-WITHOUT-SPEAKING" and DANCING THE CLOTHES

The THE HIGHJACKING OF THE "DANCE-WITHOUT-SPEAKING" is a group choreography created with incremental instructions revealed throughout the week for a choreography made chronologically with no going back. Situated somewhere between deliciously precise dance writing and mindful moments of improvisation this piece will have no rehearsals but rather earlier/shorter versions performed throughout the work. As well as allowing the creature to evolve organically, each day we will try to focus on a specific choreographic theme and all information will be passed via instructions - written on a piece of paper or on the wall or snuck individually in your pocket. There will be the minimum of talking (mime, sign language or face-pulling), if you didn’t completely understand or feel there are different options then participants are strongly encouraged to use their intuitive skills and to go with what they think it might be, what they think the piece needs, what someone else seems to be doing and looks good, doing all options at once. There is a conscious blur between interpreter and choreographer as there is between rehearsal and performance - Vive l’ambiguité!

In DANCING THE CLOTHES we works in pairs: we’ll shift roles, exchange knowledge and clothes, we’ll look at each other, and care for each other’s dances. Dancing the Clothes uses a simple format which is a collection of basic structures where one person moves with eyes closed and a partner takes the role of a witness/observer. To this self-directed form is added one other participant: the clothes that we’re wearing. In this class we will, literally, look at the expertise that we gather, and displace it, while letting the fluidity of our constant role-changings infuse our brains. We will be literal because it wont be literal, do what feels right, use each other to transform ideas, bluff, wilfully get exploited, say yes to everything but do what we want, put care in our dances.